Friday, April 3, 2009

Dream On!!!!

Today, I had my first interaction with students of Himjyoti School from classes 7th to 9th. This was my first experience of this kind. The questions which they asked were not only intelligent but also showed that they are determined to make in big in their lives. Me and Nikhil sir had to think really hard to answer them all. I not only enjoyed answering them but it also reminded me of my own school days when i faced similar questions. I am posting few common questions that were raised and my responses to them in brief. I would welcome views from you readers about my responses and also what would have been your responses to them.

Q. I like science, what can I become? (Class 9th)
A. Depends on your interest really. They are too many fields to chose from including becoming doctors and engineers broadly. Fields like Biotechnology and chemical engineering can also be explored.

Q. I want to be a scientist, but I am weak in mathematics? (Class 7th)
A. You can improve your mathematics only by practice and there is no other formula. You are just in 7th and have time on your hand, so you can easily improve till 10th, after which you would be selecting your stream.

Q. I find science boring, specifically biology?(Class 9th)
A. If you find physics and mathematics interesting than you can choose that stream in 11th. But you will have to live with biology till at least 10th class.

Q. One student in 7th class was worried about career?
A. Its too early to think about that. At this age you should try and give equal importance to each subject. Among those you will find something more interesting than others. That interest will become more sharper and narrower when you get in 9th. Then you can think better about your career.

Q. I want to be an astronaut but I dont like physics, what do I do?
A. Honestly speaking I too dint like it when i studied for the first time in 9th. Till 10th i just took it as it came but from 11th onwards i really starting appreciating it and it was my favorite subject along with mathematics. You will like it more if you focus on fundamentals and start relating it to real life. Just give it a bit of time and you will feel comfortable about it.

These were the few questions asked today. I am looking forward to more session like today's and I hope whatever I convey would be useful to them.